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Spectrum Offshore & Onshore Services Private Limited is a global company that caters to the Exploration and Production industry in both the Upstream and Downstream with a diverse range of products and technical services.

Spectrum's key competencies lie in its 2 major Verticals, Drilling & Production, where Spectrum along with its partners from across the globe are able to offer ONE STOP SHOP solutions in the most feasible and optimal manner for E&P activities.

Combined with its capabilities in the field of Drilling and Production, Spectrum offers reliable Aftermarket Services that does not just limit itself to sale of capital equipments but also provide periodic overhaul and maintenance of the equipments giving them an extended life and thus providing client with cost effective solution.


Our ambition is to strengthen our position as one of the leaders in the Exploration and Production industry in South East Asian & Middle Eastern Region. We aim to grow in terms of both a wider client base as well as higher levels of quality service and products. Our vision is to offer a diverse portfolio of services carefully selected and continually improved to provide materials suitable to meet the harsh and rigorous conditions of an offshore installation. We see ourselves meeting the challenges of an evolving industry without compromising on the quality and efficiency of our services to our clients.


To combine the very best oilfield drilling expertise, consistently delivering safe, sustainable and rewarding services to every customer worldwide.


Spectrum is committed to excellence in everything that we do. Our greatest asset is our dedicated team whose sole aim is to provide services that optimize our customer’s operations.

How we do business is important to us. We listen to our customers as their thoughts and feelings matter. When we communicate, it is open, sincere and transparent.

Our team operates with the utmost integrity and strives to maintain the trust and confidence of our customers, shareholders and all other parties involved in our operations.


At Spectrum our daily tasks and activites are underpinned by the values we all share and uphold. These valvues are visible in everything we say and everything we do :


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